Today my son and future daughter-in-law got engaged.  I am so proud of them but have to say, I’m exhausted from the emotions that run through a time like this.  And, as it is so often, I can’t get over certain thoughts. I held this boy when he was first born.  I held his hand as we walked together and wrestled with him till he laughed.  I went to almost every sporting event he participated in, and he was so much fun to watch.  I cried at his graduation from high school and couldn’t be prouder of the man he has become.  And now…

He has decided with all our blessing to marry one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met.  We’re so blessed to know this wonderful woman of God.  She is a person that I never saw coming but was clearly God’s best choice for my son.  How amazing to see God’s hand at work and His guidance in this.

So what do we tell them as they go forward.  Life is not all fun and games and warm fuzzy feelings.  Well, it isn’t but it sure has a lot of those things in it.  Maybe we should tell them that the honeymoon won’t last.  Another true thing that isn’t.  Honeymoons don’t last but love gets stronger.  Honeymoons aren’t real, love is.

Maybe I should let him know that committing your life to Jesus, living for Him is like what you’re doing right now.  You’re saying that I am in this for life.  You’re promising that though you can’t live together right now, you are just as willing to give yourself to her, to lay down your life for her.  That fear that you felt as you asked her, the excitement, the thrill, is because of the depth of your love for her.  It is not something that you feel for anyone else in the world.  And, to a large degree, this is the passion and sacrifice that God, in His Son, feels, expresses for you.

God’s love shown in their love.  Amazing!  Amazing.


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