At the tender age of five I began my singing career.  For forty-six years I have been singing in front of people and almost all of it Christian music.  It is so easy to know the tune, know the words, know the keys to hit or the valves or the strings to push.  But to not know the God, that creates a different melody.  Each note, the tone and tenor of each note is altered by the fact that God is not in it.

Jesus came and saved me.  I sang a new song and talked with Him each day and for long times I sang in front of no one.  I worshiped, leaning on the kitchen counter, playing my guitar to the cat, dancing with my babies around the living room or up and down the stairs.  And Jesus was there, the melody was good.

I would sing for people from time to time also, wanting so much to be noticed, wanting to be heard, recognized.  The melodies were good but they were wrong.  God will not give His glory to another.  He does not share the focus with us.  So no one noticed, no one cared.

It is good for God to not let me continue that singing praises to myself.  It is wonderful that He holds me, and chastises me as His child.  What would I do if He gave me what I wanted?  “What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world but forfeits his soul?”  I, of course, would have liked to find out how God would have redeemed me from a popular life rather than my life of anonymity. But, would I have been saved?  He pursued me but in my lack I found only Him.  That is good.  That is my need.

I sing now for children and watch as they dance before Him.  I play and move to His movement in my heart.  Though my voice is old and I am often tired.  I find joy.  I find peace.  The melody is better than any I have known.  The harmonies of my sons, their finding of their own melodies for the king, is strong and amazing.  And, in it all, I know and am known by my King.

I give You my song of thanks.  Thank You!


One thought on “Melodies

  1. Bill Hawkins

    WOW! Matt! Who knows better than I the profound thought here! And I suppose I encouraged you to be selfish as I LOVED your songs that you created. That is when I first encountered your compositional ability – your own songs – they were so poetic and so “heavy” for someone so young. I could not believe it then – how about now? I think I may be one of your longest term admirers! And it is getting worse, not lesser! Write on and leave the results in the hands of God! Any further word on your novel?

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