Why don’t they believe?

It’s a game we all play. We go to church, work our job, do our thing. But it’s just a game.

I was reading a clip pluggedin.com that was talking about Christian bands that aren’t Christian anymore. I don’t remember the statistics but a large percentage of kids that are raised in the church, when they leave home, turn their backs on Jesus too.

A lot goes into this, freedom of will, making their faith their own the temptations of the world. But at its core, there are elements that rest solely in the lap of the parents.

Thoreau said, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” There is inside of us a call to more than just survive our days. We remember the days of our youth when we thought we could change the world. Then life seemingly teaches us that we can’t. We believe the lie that we are too weak, too small, too whatever and then choose to just get by.

Our children see that we won’t lay our lives on the line. They take note of our lack of faith, our unbelief. If God were real, they rightly reason, my parents would follow Him differently, more completely.

I do ‘t want to die this way. I want my children to see me live out my faith, truly live out my faith. I want them to know that my faith is more than candied words, syrupy songs to sing. I want them to see me at war.

So I must choose.


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