Second Fiddle

Leonard Bernstein, the great conductor, composer and musician was once asked what the most difficult instrument was to play. There had been a debate, that may continue even now, as to whether the violin or horn or some other instrument was the greatest challenge to master. His response was particularly inciteful, second fiddle.

For those who are unfamiliar with the colloquialism, to play second fiddle means to be less important, or be in a secondary role to someone else.

Today I got out of the shower and God told me to write about being a second fiddle. Then I read in Ezekiel about the temple that He showed the prophet. It is a long description of each of the rooms, the steps, the tables, the courts, everything. It is God’s plan for what the temple should look like. I couldn’t help but think, “God doesn’t play second fiddle to anyone.”

But then it hit me. How often do I wish He would be secondary to me? How often do I wish He would just give me what I want, do what I think is best, make my way clear and easy. But He doesn’t. He will not yield His throne to anyone, certainly not to someone like me. And that is good.

I don’t understand. I don’t know why. Sometimes it hurts and hope feels so far away.

So I will rosin my bow. I will brace the chin rest with my chin. And pray that my harmony matches His melody.

I’ll have to pray also that I can let Him be God, let Him be in charge. He just happens to be good at it. I am not.


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