For the Love of the Game

Derek Jeter bats against the Orioles on 4-19-08.
Derek Jeter bats against the Orioles on 4-19-08. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Derek Jeter has always been one of my favorite players.  Some of the things that he did were nothing short of unbelievable.  I remember once, in the 1998 World Series, seeing a foul ball hit down the third base side.  Scott Brosius watched as the ball sailed out over the crowd.  Out of nowhere, DJ launched himself over the people and caught the ball, apparently trusting the crowd to catch him or at least keep him from serious injury.  I’ve often wondered at that play.  Scott was a good ball player and saw the ball, but the short stop caught it.  Derek just always seemed to want it more, to believe more in what was possible and throw himself into it.  There were other times, many stories where it came down to more than money, more than fame or notice, he just loved to play full out, nothing held back.

Love or hate the Yankees.  Love or hate Derek Jeter.  That is something to be admired.

His career as a player is done.  Now he has the rest of his life to live.  And it leads to a question not just for him but for all of us.  What will you do with your time.  See, many of us have never known what it is like to abandon yourself to something so completely.  Most of us have never been lost in a moment where nothing matters except the cause, the purpose you were made for.  We play on the margins, knowing what will pay the bills, what will keep us secure.  But we aren’t living.

Jesus said that he came to bring us life, “and life to the full.”  God did not design us to live partially, to just put in our time.  He created us for a purpose that brings Him glory and honor.  And, our purpose brings us joy.

Worship, writing, playing music are things that I live for.  Living, for me, is throwing myself into those things with fearless abandon.

He’s got something for you too.  FIND IT!  LIVE IT!!

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