A Primal Scream

I see teen suicide, unwanted, unmarried pregnancies, abuse, loss, addiction, homosexuality up close and with all their realities.  I see marriages die all too often in the ravages of pornography, busyness, neglect, fear.  I see the cries of the children, the broken hearts of the parents, the families and lives that will never, ever be whole again.  And from inside me comes a scream, visceral, angry, hated and hating, yet born out of love.


“Please stop hurting each other.  Please stop hurting yourselves.  Please just listen and love.  Come to me and I can heal you.  Come to me and let me ease your pain.  Let me assure you of my love, my blessing, the promises I have for you.”  Then I realize that the scream I hear, that is inside me, is the voice of my Lord, my Savior.  And, he is not just speaking to others, He is speaking to me.  He speaks against the lies of false freedom.  He cries out against the paths that promise fun and excitement but end in death, in destruction.  He calls out with hope and life, peace and goodness.

Will I listen?  Can we hear Him through all the noise that surrounds us?  We’ve got to.  I’ve got to.

To order “Daybreak” by Matthew Hawkins please click on this link:



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