“Is my arm too short?”

Does this dress make me look fat?  What are you thinking about right now?  Do you love me?

Dangerous questions that wives ask their husbands that too often create that deer-in-the-headlights look.  What if I say the wrong thing?  What if I already said something or did something that without even knowing it I have crossed over into where angels fear to tread and am now going to regret whatever comes out of MY MOUTH WHAT DO I DO TO ESAPE THIS PIT I AM IN?

On the simpler side, I think wives want a relationship where you are engaged with them.  They ask questions to see if you are still “with them.”  And, let’s face it guys, quite often we aren’t.  Easy fix is to listen, engage your brain, be a part of the conversation, let what is happening in their heart capture your heart.  Yes, even if it is a question about their looks, what I think they’re really asking is, “Do you find me attractive?  Does my beauty still hold your heart?”

I can see how God is asking the same kind of question (Isaiah 50 for those who want to look up where this question was asked).  He is asking, ” Don’t you know me?  Don’t you see who I am?  What has happened to our marriage?  What has happened to our friendship that you no longer notice me, that you no longer believe that I can do anything for you?” 

When I look at nature, science, scripture, humanity, anything true and honest I see a God who is pursuing us, healing us, protecting us.  When I look at lies, at fear, at myself, I distrust God and no longer KNOW Him. 

The scariest part of this passage is in the beginning where God says, “I looked and no one was there.  I called and no one answered.”  Will I pursue what I want so much that I will not be present for what He wants?  Will I chase my dreams, my desires to the point where, when He calls, I will not listen?

Save me Jehovah!  Capture my heart, my love, my attention or I am undone.  Your arm is not too short.  Your power is more than enough to deliver me.

I trust You.


One thought on ““Is my arm too short?”

  1. One of the things I have learned and love about Jesus over the last number of years. Because of past hurts sometimes it is very hard to trust anyone. There’s still a part of me that expects everyone to hurt me, sometimes even God. BUT He knows this. He knows my heart. He knows that the deepest desire of my heart is to TRULY know Him, to TRULY love Him and to TRULY trust Him. But He STILL LOVES me even when I fail in showing this all the time. And you know He is the best Husband because you are right, Matthew, when I ask Michael about what I am wearing, what I am really asking is, “Do you still find me attractive? Do you still love me?”. Michael may not always answer correctly, but God ALWAYS does.

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