The Need for Speed

We hear so much about our rushing mentality in today’s world.  What is wrong with us that we can’t slow down and enjoy what’s around us?  I see the point but….well…BORING!!!

No, no!  I get the, “Be still and know that I am God,” thing.  Its just that I’m not dead yet.  I’m ALIVE!  That means movement.  If you look at things on the cellular level, we are in constant frantic motion.  If you consider our thought processes and nerve impulses, we’re like a super computer on steroids.  And, I don’t know about you, but when it comes to worshipping my Lord, the One who loves me, who died for me, who created the universe, who “holds all things together,” I can’t sit still.

Don’t get me wrong, God commanded us to be still – that was from Him.  And we need our moments of quiet where we stop and consider, sitting in awe of His majesty.  But He also commanded us to GO!  He didn’t mean trudge out into the world with your Eeyore face and force people to serve Jesus.  He meant go with all the love and excitement that cannot be contained in one small vessel.  Go and pour out His love and compassion, His healing and truth into a world that desperately needs His touch.  Go as young and old people who know Him for who He truly is and can no longer sit still.  Let our churches, our homes be a launching pad for the rockets that God created us to be and LIVE!

So take a minute and sit still….

Good, now get out there.  It’s gonna’ be AWESOOMMMEEEE!


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