Love is spelled T-I-M-E

I had to remind myself to read the bible today.  Totally forgot to pray.  I had other things on my mind.  Maybe ok for someone who doesn’t know Jesus, who hasn’t walked with Him for the past 34 years.  Definitely not ok for me.

I sing my worship songs every Sunday.  I feel His presence and know a taste of His glory.  Now it’s Wednesday and I’ve forgotten to pray.

It is so much easier for me to focus on the things I’m angry about.  The financial worries that consume my life.  The promotion that I’d so much like to get.  I think about my sons and the life events they are going through.  I miss my daughter, my son-in-law, my grandson.  Tick-tock.  Time’s a-wastin’.

I have books to read, books to write.  Movies I HAVE to see.  Music to practice, instrumentally and vocally.  Plans for future.  Recruiting, discipling, encouraging.  Tick-tock.  Tick-tock.

Where am I supposed to find time for You, my Sovereign?  Where do I find the reserves to invest in You, the Source of all life and truth?

There is truth to finding the time, making the time to spend alone and quiet with God.  But that isn’t all He requires.  Think of a marriage where for one hour a day you sit quiet and talk.  Good, healthy, beneficial.  But only as a starting point.  We were meant to live every moment together, quiet and crazy.  It isn’t a check list – there I did my time with Him.  It is an on-going relationship where He promises to “never leave us…”  We need our quiet time with Him.  We need even more to include Him in every moment of our day.

Talk to Him like He’s there.  Rant about your frustrations like He cares to hear how your day is going.  Sing to Him when you feel like singing.  Mention you love Him when you’re not sure that He’s sure.  Ask Him questions.  Tell Him your fears.  Spend your day with Him.

Tick-tock.  Make it count.


3 thoughts on “Love is spelled T-I-M-E

  1. Ms Bert Savarese

    As a new reader & a friend of your grandfather – who directed me to your blog – this was especially helpful to me today. Sometimes it feels like I am living in an enclosed space where God cannot get through….but I know it’s because I have not slowed down to keep the communication open. I am the problem, not Him. Fortunately, I do know He is waiting for me to let this world go & turn to Him. It isn’t easy with all the distractions, especially as I dally online. Bill O’Reilly challenged his viewers to turn off all computers, cell phones, etc for a day. I haven’t done that yet because my iPad not only entertains me but is my form of communication with the world. Living alone makes this form of communication seductive, where time is stolen from me in large chunks & I have lost precious time when I could have been loving my Father in this quiet house. Tick-Toc ….. This is how life & God gets away from me. So my iPad becomes a distracting brick that I pile moment by moment as a barrier to God. Back to the basics: the Word. Devotionals regularly without distraction.

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