I’m going for a run

The warriors faced each other across the battlefield.  Opponents that had seen each other before and knew well each others weaknesses and strengths.  This was the time.  This was their battle.  Quickly, they closed the gap between each other and brought their swords to the ready.  With a cry our hero raises his sword and drops it to the ground.  He falls to the ground and begins doing pushups, counting out…1…2…3…

That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard and yet we do it everyday.  Our battle is in everyday life, the meeting, our coworkers, the internet, timelines.  These are the things that test our faith, that prove our heart toward God.  This is where all that we’ve trained for comes in to play.  So, DID WE TRAIN?

This is my shout to me.  Did you train today?  Did I prepare myself for the hits I would take today?  I know I did not.

I guarantee you that the 5 minutes I read the bible and the little bit of time I spent in prayer will be inadequate for my day today.  And this was a good day.

I guarantee something else, when porn splashes across my computer screen it will be too late to start thinking about scripture that I should be reading.

That’s why Paul admonishes us to “put on the full armor of God.”  Our worship and devotion, our service and sacrifice can win this war for our lives but we need to start before the battle is joined.  Our stamina, our ability to stand will decrease if we only use it in our struggles.  And make no mistake, Satan would rather deal with a couch potato than a Navy Seal Christian.

And on that, I will leave you for today.  I’ve got some training to do.


One thought on “I’m going for a run

  1. Bill Hawkins

    I just read this today, Matt, Tuesday, December 2, 2014. I missed it initially. And it is a very good challenge for us today. Thank you and God bless you. Dad

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