Sin and Worship

“Hi!  My name is Matt.” 

“Hi Matt!” the crowd responds. 

“I’m a sinner.”

“The first step to healing is admitting there’s a problem.”  But, there’s no “healing” from sin.  Try as I might, I will always fall short.  I have known many wonderful people along the way.  Not one of them is perfect and does not make mistakes.  We try and try to overcome first one addiction, one vice and, should we succeed, another will rear its ugly head.  We approach the again and again.

And that’s the point. 

We approach the throne because we need to, we have to, we’re dead if we don’t.  Everyone of us, from the pastor of the mega-church, to the meth-head dying of starvation and AIDs, can not breathe a single breath without the sullied presence of sin.  And our perfection should not be our goal anyway.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Sin is a ruinous force that we should fight with every fiber of our being.  But consider this, why did Satan tempt us in the first place?  It wasn’t help us have fun, such a lie.  It wasn’t even to trip us up.  The devil’s great purpose was to hurt the Father by ripping His children from His loving hands, to separate us from our creator who designed us to be in relationship with Him.

So we approach the throne.  Sin drives us to our knees to seek our healing.  Our manifestly depraved hearts and minds render us helpless and dependent on our Holy God.  And we approach the throne not as sniveling, groveling wretches before a tyrant who would just as soon crush us underfoot as allow us to know Him.  We approach the throne in worship and praise because we are accepted and loved beyond imagining.  We face the Father who saw us coming and ran to meet us, clothing us in His righteousness, putting His ring of authority on our finger and feasting because once again we have returned.  We approach the throne in worship and praise because He deserves nothing less.

Funny that sin can work against itself in the heart of those who would seek our Savior.