Oh, for the love of…..Zombies?

Zombie movies surface from time to time and usually are received fairly well in the box office. The industry likes them because they’re usually fairly cheap to make. Low film quality and bad acting are often the norm, but, not always.

Recently I watched “World War Z”. You should know, at the outset, that I am not a fan of this genre. The idea that a human body can cease to function and yet still function, and often function amazingly well, is beyond ridiculous.

I won’t bore you with a lot of science at this juncture. In the movie, near the end, the star meets up with some World Health Organization people. He asks about his idea of using a lethal virus and they respond with an interesting line. “We already tried that. You need a functioning circulatory system to make them sick.” Apparently, it is not necessary for nerve cells (they see and smell) and muscle cells (they run really fast and jump huge distances) to be provided with nutrients. Those cells can function just fine without a circulatory system.

I don’t usually write just to rant about something. This is no different.

Life is a daily, constant miracle of chemical pathways, cognition, sensory input, defensive and salutatory mechanisms. It is a gift that is fragile, transient, that cannot survive randomly, thoughtlessly. It is constantly warring for survival and is amazing in its ability to adapt, improvise and overcome.

It is a gift that we can’t live without.

Zombies are not possible. The warning to us should be, are we really living?

All the Glory

I can’t write without Him. I can’t play without Him. I can’t sing without Him. I can’t love without Him.

He is Jesus!

It isn’t just a trite saying. I’m not trying to Impress my religion on someone, or impress with my holiness (ha! If that was even possible). It is just science.

The explanation for the chemical pathways, the presence of enzymes, neural functions and higher emotional and intellectual processes has been understood, in part. And yet, there is still so much that can not be explained. And the more we understand, the more questions it raises. We are left with a feeling that all life is miraculous. The fact that any life is possible is just a miracle.

I have seen the evil of this world. The fact that we have not annihilated our own species is a miracle. The hope that we can fix ourselves is misplaced. This country, America is a miracle. And we are not alone. Even in the poverty of what we would call third world nations, there is love, there is joy.

So to You, my God, my King. For not giving up, for loving us and pouring out your spirit in us and through us, I give You all the glory. I give you all my praise and honor!