Nicaragua Trip

For those of you that are new to this site, I will be going (again) to Nicaragua for what is called 1 Nation 1 Day with the missions organization  My website is:

Please visit for more information and please consider praying for me and donating toward the trip.  It has already been proving to be blessed by God and we are all excited to see what He has in store.

Lives will be changed!  Hearts will be changed!  A nation will be changed!

Thank you!


An Update!

I promise, I’ll write more soon!

But first, just to let everyone know…

Next year I will be returning to Nicaragua. has planned an extensive amazing outreach into the country of Nicaragua and I just can’t express how excited I am to be a part of it.  Check it out by going to the website.

I have already had $700.00 donated to my trip, such a blessing.  Thank you to everyone who has donated, and those of you who will donate at some point.  I don’t feel worthy but I love sharing this blessing and ministry with you.

Seriously be watching Nicaragua over the coming months.  God is changing the country at so many levels.  There is a culture that is present there that is warring against what God would do, but He cannot be overcome.  When our King moves, nothing, nothing, nothing can stand in His way.

Please stand with me in prayer for lives to be changed.  That God would awaken the people to His love and the greater purpose that He has for them.  Pray that there would be healing, restoration, financial backing for the cultural changes that need to take place.

And please pray for the children, the beautiful children that are caught in the difficult times this country has been through.  Pray for fathers to stand up and be men.  For alcoholism and the occult to be brought to the foot of the cross and left there.  Pray that hope would be restored.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  They mean so much to me.


The Dust of Managua

We came back from Nicaragua this past weekend.  I have since walked through airports, through streets, through work and my home but I can still see the dust of Managua on them.

I don’t ever want it to go away.

You of course can’t see this but as I typed those last words I stopped for a minute.  

I’ll never be the same again.  I’ve breathed the air and felt the heat of the sun.  I’ve washed in their water and eaten their food.

And I’ve talked with the people.  

The children, the precious children have invaded my heart.  Their hunger for Jesus, their poverty and sorrows, their laughter and yes, in some, their anger have wrecked me.

It is good.

We go through life unaffected by those around us.  We see them but don’t know them, often don’t even want to know them.  And this is wrong.  It is just wrong.

We are made in the image of God and part of that image is love.  We have taken that off our hearts in the attempt to protect ourselves, to shield our souls from the dangers of this world.  And we are worse because of this.

The dust of Managua will fade from my shoes.  The memories will fade and life will go back to normal.  It is part of our humanity.  It is part of living.

And the only real solution is to let the memories change me.  Let them make me risk again, open my heart again, love again.