The Story of Donkey

A man got a donkey one day.  It wasn’t big or amazingly strong but he needed it to help him carry his burdens.

The donkey was faithful, though often he was slow.  He was strong but the more weight the man put on him, the slower he seemed to go.  He was a gentle donkey but, well, like I said, he was slow.

The man kept the donkey for many years but used him less and less for he was not a patient man.  He would carry his own burdens, though it hurt his back and damaged his knees.  It just drove him to frustration that his donkey was so slow.

One day, he found himself far from home, alone, in a place he did not recognize.  He heard wolves calling and voices in dark places and the donkey just seemed to be plodding.  His burdens were great and he shared some of them with the donkey, but wouldn’t lay too much on him for fear of them stopping altogether.

The attack came out of nowhere.  Robbers had lain waiting for just the right moment then jumped out of hiding to steal, to kill, to destroy. But as fast as they were, they were not fast enough.  The donkey spun and kicked and bit, braying viciously.

At seeing the donkey fighting, the man fought to but only succeeded in receiving a knife wound in his side and a club to his head.  As he fell, he felt the donkey come under him, so he grabbed on with all his might.  The donkey thundered away, carrying the man, his burdens and the burdens he had lain on the beast.  The thieves were left far behind.

God is not a donkey.  But I treat Him that way.  I am angry with His mannerisms, His “slowness”, His “smallness”.  But, He is only slow from my perspective, only small in my eyes.

We stupidly see God as something fathomable, comprehendable from our, in our finite minds.  The best that my heart can understand of who God is, His love, His power, His majesty, is but a donkey compared to HIS reality.

That shames me.



Let God Write The Story

I know a man who has failed time and again.  He is so sure of his failing, he can not allow success.  If things are going well, he simply forces failure on all he is trying to accomplish.

Let God write the story.

I know an old man who has betrayed his wife, his children, many times. The guilt and condemnation he feels over all the hurts he has caused, the overwhelming shame that darkens every day, tell him he can not be loved.

Let God write the story.

The woman who had an abortion so many years ago.

The teen awaiting sentencing.

A child bound in slavery of a type no one should ever face.

Let God write the story.

We don’t believe that He is, sometimes.  We want to help Him.  Maybe just skip ahead to the good part.  Or just read the last page and close the book.

But, if we let Him, He can write something amazing.

It will have pain.  It will be terrifying at times.  It is a God story after all.

Don’t grab the pen.  Don’t rip out the pages.  Don’t speed read over the details.

It’s a good read, a beautiful picture.  Let it capture you.  Let Him capture you.

Let God write your story.

All the Glory

I can’t write without Him. I can’t play without Him. I can’t sing without Him. I can’t love without Him.

He is Jesus!

It isn’t just a trite saying. I’m not trying to Impress my religion on someone, or impress with my holiness (ha! If that was even possible). It is just science.

The explanation for the chemical pathways, the presence of enzymes, neural functions and higher emotional and intellectual processes has been understood, in part. And yet, there is still so much that can not be explained. And the more we understand, the more questions it raises. We are left with a feeling that all life is miraculous. The fact that any life is possible is just a miracle.

I have seen the evil of this world. The fact that we have not annihilated our own species is a miracle. The hope that we can fix ourselves is misplaced. This country, America is a miracle. And we are not alone. Even in the poverty of what we would call third world nations, there is love, there is joy.

So to You, my God, my King. For not giving up, for loving us and pouring out your spirit in us and through us, I give You all the glory. I give you all my praise and honor!