The Let Down

I recently got to talk to Jon Egan. He has written some powerful worship songs and is truly gifted in what he does. He and a couple of his friends were at our church, just spending some time ministering to the people in our worship ministry.

It was good.

Now, two days later, I’m up at 4 AM getting ready to go to work.

I was excited. I could hear the voice of God speaking to me, encouraging me in all that I do with the kids at our church. I was inspired with new ideas, reminded of old ideas, and just sensed God’s presence with me.

Then I returned to the work of scheduling, song choices, technical difficulties that need to be addressed.

The inspiration that God gives us, the moments when we see Him so clearly, do not replace the disciplines of walking out His calling, the daily grind of taking up our cross. But in the discipline, the work, the habits of faith and joy that can only be developed over years, we find the reality of His truth, His love, His faithfulness.

I have known those who would try to string together enough “God moments”, worship experiences, inspired teaching to keep themselves at a spiritual high for weeks. They would always crash. Just like chemical or physical highs, they are never meant to be sustained. Our bodies do not do well looking for the next “fix”.

Look for the mountains in your walk with Jesus. They are powerful, emotional moments that awaken us. Then walk through the valleys. Love the moments of each day. Breathe in, breathe out. Live.

He is with you.