The Glory of the Lord

“And the Glory of the Lord filled the temple…”

There are multiple definitions of the word glory that add insight to our God and yet somehow fall short of the word too.

1.  very great praise, honor, or distinction bestowed by common consent;

This is what we give to God through our worship.  Through the honor, respect, and love that we give Him, we bring Him glory.

2.  something that is a source of honor, fame, or admiration; a distinguished ornament or an object of pride:

He is our glory.  He is the source of what brings us honor, admiration, distinction from the people that surround us.  We should never forget that what we are – anything that sets humanity above all else – is because of Him and our likeness to Him.

3.  resplendent beauty or magnificence:

This is something that is contained in God, that is present because of who He is.  It is often symbolized by a radiance, a glow, the imagery of a halo around His head.  We see it in scripture with Moses’ face shining, the angels, and on the mount of transfiguration.

I can discuss things theoretically, scientifically, objectively only up to a point and then the reality hits me and I feel like dancing.  This is where God’s glory touches my humanness.

I’m just one man with many faults.  I am limited by who I know, the skills I possess, my confinement to space and time.  But then I meet with Jesus.  I allow His presence, His majesty, His beauty, His glory to touch my life and I am changed into something beyond this earth.

Isaiah 60 says:

“Lift up your eyes round about and see;
They all gather together, they come to you.
Your sons will come from afar,
And your daughters will be [a]carried in the arms.
“Then you will see and be radiant,
And your heart will thrill and rejoice;

As the face of Moses was shining because of God’s presence in his life, so my life will shine.  The needs of this earth are many.  So many are hurting, bruised, broken, despairing.  We spend time giving glory to God and His Glory invades us to shine on them.  We become a part of the Kingdom as we yield to His presence in our lives.  It is not a case of our lives disappearing in the cosmic whole of our God.  It is the wonder of us becoming God lights, with our own unique colors and brilliance, as His light shines through us.  It is an escalating glory, a crescendo of lyric, melody and light, that returns to Him with the glory He is due.