God placed man and then woman in the Garden of Eden.  A good thing, a beautiful thing, and then sin entered.  We all know this story.

I have a theory.

God placed them in the Garden and told them to work it, to take care of it.  But there was a whole world out there.  He gave them the Tree of Life and the man never even tried to eat that fruit.

As a race, we are bent on disaster.  And it is largely because we are complacent.

There were no babies conceived before the fall.  No works of art or creation formed by the hands of humans.  Songs were not sung.

I find this so odd, so sad.

They were given perfection.  And the fall was inevitable because they didn’t do anything with it.

Now, I’m not knocking them.  If I had been placed there, I would likely have done the same things.  Sit around, eat some fruit, name some animals.  And that’s what always gets me in trouble.

Life is meant to be pursued, to be worked.  We are meant to not just look at the beauty around us, but to take hold of it, cherish it, live it.  

We still live in a garden.  It isn’t the Garden of Eden.  Perfection is gone.  But we can still chase the good, overcome the evil, eat from the Tree of Life.

Got to get off our butts first.