You’re Too Much

We stand before a Holy God. If we had a moment where we saw Him as He really is, it would probably kill us. At the least, it would ruin us for all other earthly experiences.

I can just see it.

“I went to Disney World.”
“Yeah, well I got to drive a brand new Corvette.”
“That’s nothin’, I got to fly an F-16.”
“I just stood before the King of the Universe, the who formed the stars with His hands, who spoke galaxies into being. I just held the hand of the one who conquered sin and death, healed the blind, the broken. I just looked into the eyes that saw me from the beginning of eternity, and all that was in them was love for me.”

What would you trade for one hour behind the wheel of a Ferrari? What would you sacrifice for a date with some beauty queen? What would you let go of in order to hold onto wealth or power or fame?

Nothing compares to Jesus. Nothing comes close to the life that He offers. Nothing is like His presence, His love.

How can we say it well? How can we describe You, Lord? How can I let people know who you are, what you mean to me.

You’re too much!