Itty Bitty

Because I have never held a staff position at a church, I seem to be constantly wrestling with the idea of fulfilling my purpose.  Now, I probably would still wrestle if I was a pastor, but that’s my golden chalice, my “dweam wiffin a dweam”.  Part of me wants to accept my low position.  Part of me knows that I was meant for something more, something great.

Now, I know, I am just one guy.  I am not amazing or even noticeable.  But, somehow, as I go through my days, I see that with Jesus living in me, with the Holy Spirit flowing through me, I could do something amazing.

I think that is why I write.  It provides that chance for God to inspire, to infiltrate my words and make them something that lifts others up, alters their view a little, brightens their day, maybe inspires them to dare greatly.

We live in a time where children are told that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything.  Conversely, as adults we are given constant reminders of our insignificance.  It seems that often even God wants us to know how small we are.

I question this.

When I look at the stars, do I not sense a calling out, a pull to see beyond?  When I look at the oceans, doesn’t a sense of adventure rise up in me?  Don’t the crashing waves beckon me to dive in, the cliffs to try to fly.

He designed us with greatness inside.  Sin humbles us, tells us what failures we are.  But, oh hear me!  BUT, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”

Christ lives in me!


God of Miracles

From bike wrecks, to double lung pneumonia, I am one specimen of humanity that never should’ve made it this far. I’ve been in car crashes, been run over by a horse, countless head injuries, held under water by a murderous heart. And this doesn’t even speak to the mental things that have gone on that left me despairing, crushed all hope, ruined dreams, buried me.
I was just listening to New Life Worship Kids:
One of Jared’s songs on this CD is called Impossible Possible. It can be all too easy to look at what hasn’t happened in our lives, what we wish for, what we think should happen. But I bet, if we’re honest, we can look back and see a God of Miracles tracing His finger over everything. And if we, as we put our trust in Him, we will see greater things. We will see God moving and acting on our behalf to do the miraculous again and again.
And maybe, in Him, we’ll see our dreams come true in His timing, in His mighty power.
Amazing life! Amazing God!