So you want to be in movies?

It’s not that I live to have people notice me.  I’ve lived through the fickle and fleeting attentions of humans.  I just ask myself, from time to to time, what am I doing with my life?

If they were to make a documentary on my life, would it even sell a ticket?

I’ve never gone to see a movie about a guy sitting around playing video games.  I’ve never gone to see a movie about a family watching movies.  Even the worst movies that I have seen were not completely about someone being entertained, someone disengaged, someone who wasn’t even trying.

We like movies about heroes and villains.  We want to see adventure, excitement, tension, things blowing up, romance kindled and rekindled.

But do we live that life?  Do I?

And here’s the best part.  If we aren’t, it’s an easy fix.  Put down the remote.  Turn off the TV or computer or game console and walk out your front door, live, talk to your neighbor, serve them, love them.

You’ll be amazed.  An adventure is waiting for you.  And who knows…

They may make a movie about it.


Not for the faint of heart…

You’re going to need to sit down for this…

But, you won’t be able to!


I’m still processing my weekend.  I had practice, four music sets, parental “discussions”, new ideas, failed ideas, songs to write, conflict, coffee, car repairs, shopping trips, and time with God that brought me to tears.  And that’s just a few of the highlights.

Some of this was mundane.  Some was anything but.  The future didn’t orchestrate itself.  I had to engage, pray, believe.

The funny part is that it never ends.  Well, I guess it will end, someday.  But, I’m not dead yet.  So, I get to live it.

Yes, it leaves me feeling disjointed, wondering.  It can be confusing, painful, just plain weird.

I don’t understand how people can not raise their hands in worship.  I guess I can, sort of.  But seriously, half the time I’m not sure whether it’s an act of lifting Him up or a plea for Him to lift me up.

It’s a war.  It’s a dance.  

Remove Jesus and it all becomes meaningless.  Why continue if there is nothing beyond our years here?  What real purpose do we serve if not as a part of something eternal, something divine?  And if my only acts are in reaching up to God, making myself better, have I missed the God wh is reaching down to me, reaching down to us?

Speaking of which, as tired as I might feel right now, it’s time to start another day!