Take the Pain

There once was a faith healer from Deal. Who asserted that pain is not real. “Then pray tell me why” came the patient’s reply, “when I sit on a pin, and puncture my skin, do I hate what I fancy I feel?”

I don’t like pain. Sometimes I think I would do anything to avoid it. Maybe it is the root of much of the addictive behaviors I evidence. Pain can create fear, anxiety, depression, defensiveness all in the attempt to keep pain away.

Which, of course, causes pain.

I’m no expert, but what I hear God saying to me right now is, “take the pain.”

To be clear, this does not mean “suck it up” or “quit being a wimp” or even “bury it so no one knows that it’s there.”

What it means to me is, “face it.” In some ways, I have to embrace the pain that I feel. Let it move me, galvanize me, put me on my knees.

That’s where I’ll find God. That’s where I see His power and sense His presence, though I may have to wait for it.

Sometimes pain can absolutely be blinding.

But I’ll wait. And take the pain.


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