Daddy Loves You

As I’ve watched my kids grow into adulthood, it’s hard not to look back on things.

Oh, it’s fun to look back too.  I loved and still love being a dad!

Plus, I’m pretty sure I have the best kids (and grandkids) the world has ever seen!

But, I have many regrets also.

I wanted to be tough on them.  Good dads are tough. I was either too tough or too lenient, too often.

I wanted to be kind. Good dads are kind. I was so quickly sappy, self-serving. Too often checking out, hiding.

I wanted to teach but struggled with listening. To guide and encourage but stayed silent in my weakness and addictions.

You may think I’m kicking myself too hard.

I’m not.

But, I only know one perfect Father. And as I watch my kids to know, really all of us, that you won’t be perfect parents. None of our parents were perfect. I’m not sure we even improve on their mistakes. We just make different ones.

And I think it’s ok.

In the face of pandemics, global politics, mandates, spin doctors, and media overloads, I realize, we’re looking in the wrong place.

We need Him.


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