A Conversation

So we’re in the middle of this pandemic and, for someone as verbose as myself, I hardly know what to say.

Christians and atheists are kind of in the same storm and I find it fascinating and depressing all at the same time.

A Christian believes in a healing, loving God that created and perfected our amazing immune system. He promises that He will never leave us or forsake us. He promises life to the fullest.

An atheist believes in natural selection, survival of the fittest. Our immune system that has kept us alive for millennia prior to the advent of modern medicine. The promises are that nature will decide who lives and who dies.

But our cries are the same. Don’t trust government on one side of the aisle, while trusting implicitly, blindly, violently, hatefully, the person on our side of the aisle.

Government save me!

We cry to the medical community to give us the shot, provide the vaccine, show us the way to survive.

We yell at our neighbors, wear our masks, lather on the sanitizer. We forget community, touch, love.

And we think we’re safer.

I don’t know how to advise an atheist.

I’m glad I believe in a God who loves me, who sent Jesus Christ to redeem me.

I believe His promises are true. And I want to act like it.

I want to not wear a mask and trust in a miracle working God. I want to spend my time in loving and serving others rather than holed up in my house (even if I have to wear a mask for their sake). I want to live for the only one who is worthy of my trust.

I think you do too.

“If we do everything in our power to sustain life to the furthest extent possible but leave people sad, lonely and afraid of death (that comes to us all), we will have failed and not lived up to our own potential.”

(Paraphrased from the movie Finding Normal)


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