Holier Than Thou

I have been reading a lot of history, thinking a lot about marriage, considering “saints” and “normal” people

What I’m finding is I’m getting kinda peeved.

It’s not just the priests, nuns and saints of the Catholic church. There’s this hierarchy within Christendom that Jesus never addressed.

Single is more holy than married. Priest or pastor is more holy than layman. Paid clergy has God’s ear, speaks to God’s heart more than regular people. And saints!

Whoa! Saints!

They can do miracles, see visions, all that kinda stuff.

And I’m calling b.s. on the whole thing.

The privilege of sainthood is available to a factory worker, a mom, (gasp) possibly even a bartender! Miracles, visions, wonders come from a relationship with the Almighty and everyone of us can own that.

Oh but we like it the other way. The pastor prays, special people see miracles, evangelists and preachers are called to the higher standard.

I’m just me so set your expectations low!

The call to be holy is not a religious mandate set apart for a select few. It is for all of us.

But how can a potty-mouthed paper mill employee hope to be holy? I think so.

The first step to working this out practically is to remind yourself OFTEN that when people look at you they’re supposed to see Jesus.

And remember, you can never cuss at all and still be full of hate. You can go to church every Sunday and be arrogant and mean.

The trick is look at how Jesus acted and act that way. Pray like your Father is there and cares about being with you. Value others. Believe that you are called to be different, special, holy. And move like you have a purpose.

It’ll change your life.

God, call your people out to love and live miraculously. Show us how to cherish each moment, value each opportunity to let You be seen in us.


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