The Wolf

I have been blogs, seeing videos, hearing the stories of human trafficking.

Shout out to Secretangel and Unstoppable Love Int. There are more and they are huge heroes in the Kingdom.

Along with this, I am studying Scottish history.

Wait…. What? How are the two related? Well, let me tell you.

Men are horrible!

What we, as men, have done in so many situations is deplorable, despicable, inhuman, no words are adequate. Animalistic, except that animals wouldn’t do some of the things we have done.

So many have become predators, seeking the weak, the isolated, the vulnerable. We have become wolves.

Why does a wolf do what he does? In a word, survival.

I ask myself, by why the cruelty? Why the preying on the young, the innocent? Why is there nothing holy, no boundaries we won’t cross, nothing we value more than our survival.

That is where sin infects our need.

I have seen first hand the evil, the hatred, the horrible meanness, and known the men who acted it out. We would see them as monsters, and really, a few of them are. But most, and this blows my mind, are nice guys.

They are businessmen, teachers, pastors, priests, coaches, politicians, you name it. They are dads, grandfathers, brothers.

And the snake of pornography, the poison of the “high” lie to us and say what is good, what is tantalizing, what will fill my need.

And so the mechanisms of survival, food, shelter, love, are traded in.

As someone who has come out of an addiction to pornography, I can say with some authority that predators of this nature should be shot, hung, decapitated, emasculated or all of the above.

But since we can’t kill them all, and it would decimate the male population, can we choose rather to pray.

He trap of sin, that we all face, is deepest for the predator, the wolf. He knows what he is and cannot fathom any different way to survive. And the best way to save his family, his victims, is to save him.

Pray for his healing, that he would see himself through God’s eyes. And, that he would know he was made for something far greater, much more than what he has been told.

And pray against, pray binding and confusion and destruction over all the forces that seek to keep him trapped.

God bring your healing, your touch to these victims of sin. Bring life and freedom to those who are hurt and those who hurt others. We need You.


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