To the Loser

I have this friend. Great guy! Really nice person. Great worship leader. Great musician.

Super competitive!

His drive to win has probably helped him to be successful in so many areas.

My son has played basketball with him a few times and often played on his team. They both like to win and can actually help each other win.

I never get asked to be on anybody’s team. At basketball, I don’t usually help anyone win.

I’m a loser. I don’t have the drive or the confidence. I accept defeat pretty readily.

And I think that’s about to open some doors for me.

We all love winners. We love success and wealth, popularity, fame. The problem is there are a whole lot of losers and just a few winners.

And I think it’s time for the losers to step up.

We believe that winners can do whatever they want. If you’re tall, good looking, young (most certainly young), then the world is yours. If your old and ugly, short, fat, lame and broken, well…

But God!

Yeah, but God.

He’s calling me out. I believe He’s calling you out.

Do we really believe that miraculous things can happen because a loser acts according to God’s word? Do we believe that God can speak through those who are not eloquent, not charismatic, simply to show His greatness? Can I believe that my voice, my experience, my heart can reach those that the winners can’t touch?

I’m starting to think so.

“To the victor goes the spoils.” But when I look at our lost and dying world, the “spoils” of human lives, there is plenty to share with us losers too.

God, use us.

Use me.

Start a fire in my heart, a desire that burns, not with self confidence, but an assurance that you can use someone like me. Help me to silence the voices that say I can’t and simply believe in my God who can.