The Stinky Kid

I’ve been practicing something for several days now but I’m not sure if I’m improving.

Bob Sorge (if you don’t know him, get to know him) does a seminar on “Secrets of the Secret Place”.

Well don’t watch it now.  Listen to me first!

Anyway, in one of the sessions he talks about asking for the sprinkling of Jesus’ blood over yourself so that we can come boldly before the Throne.  He asks you to imagine it and then imagine yourself crawling up between God and Jesus (who is at the Father’s right hand).  Highly recommend all of Bob’s stuff.

So, like I said, I have been practicing this.  I wake up and say, “God, sprinkle me with the blood of Jesus Christ.  Wash me, clothe me in your righteousness.  Now I come boldly to you.  You move people out of my way so that I can come up and sit with you.”

The funny thing is, I feel like the stinky kid.  You know.  The one you went to school with who didn’t take baths often enough.  The one whose clothes were old, out of style, torn and dirty.

See, I crawl up next to my Dad but then I turn around and cuss at somebody.  I still get angry and selfish and pout and whine and throw tantrums.

I wonder how I can have the audacity to do that when I’m sitting right next to the Holy One, the Righteous One, the Majestic One.  But, I still do.

I was talking to God a couple of days ago.

I said, “God, if you want, I can just go.  I know I’m stinky.  I know I’m bad.”

I just felt His arms wrap around me and heard Him say, “I don’t think you’re stinky.  I have washed you.  I have clothed you in righteousness.  And you’re mine.  Just stay right where you are.”

OK, if you really want me to, I’ll stay.

“I really do.”


One thought on “The Stinky Kid

  1. Pat Hawkins

    Mom may choose to respond to this also. She showed it to me and I am at her place so I need to tell you: The way you narrated this just makes me cry. I feel exactly the same. Yet it is what HE wants us to do! Uncanny!! I hate always being dirty when I crawl into His lap, like keeping on the barn boots and tramping through on the imported carpets!!! Faith was telling me how she has to tell the boys EVERY time – they cannot remember on their own – to take off their muddy boots before entering the house. They had just come in from a tromp in the mud outside and mud was flying everywhere. They never noticed! But the thing is God DOES notice! He knows ALL about it! But He just wants us up close to Him, allowing HIM to do the clean up because all our clean up is useless! This really touches the hurting spots, son! Be blessed as you learn and teach us how to get closer to Him, dirt and all, and give Him what we are along with what we have, and see what He can and will do with it! Much love, Dad

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