Rising Evil

Christmas time is upon us and I find myself sad so much of the time.  Don’t even know why.

I think part of the reason is my disappointment with how things are.  We come to the end of a year thinking things should have improved.

But they haven’t.

Do I have more money?  A better job?  Are my kids closer to God?  Is my marriage better?  Is the world safer?  Has hatred, greed, selfishness, sin been removed from the earth?

Am I a better person?

I pulled into the gas station this morning and a guy pulled in at the same time and cut me off.  In that moment, I think I hated him.  I cussed at his rudeness and fumed until he approached me and apologized.

A nice man in a bit of a rush.

Why does something so insignificant turn me into something so angry.

Despite my prayers and times of singing praises, I am still a broken man.

I saw a movie recently that was apocalyptic.  End of the world.  Man-reaping-what-he-sowed kind of stuff.  Evil took over and everyone was dying.

Now I’ve seen the zombie movies, the plague movies.  I’ve read the books about economic meltdowns and world war whatever.  Death Star, alien life forms, all that just seem silly for the most part.

This felt more possible, more real in a sense.  Aside from plot holes and overdramatization, I could see this happening.

Except for one thing, you and me and Jesus.  Well, ok, that’s three things.  But, not if we do it right.

In the face of all that is wrong, we have a choice.  Will I let Jesus live through me?  How much will I let Him live through me?

That’s the promise of Christmas.  If we let Him in, let Him move and breathe and speak, there is no darkness so strong, no evil so powerful, that we can’t overcome.  I can stand though the weight of the world tries to crush me.

I can’t make myself, my family, my world better.  But Jesus can through me.


2 thoughts on “Rising Evil

  1. Faith Christophel

    Praise God He gives us the power to overwhelmingly conquer through Jesus Christ our Lord! Rom. He is the Truth, the Life the Way, John 14 He is our Bread from heaven and our eternal drink. He is the light and there is no darkness in Him. HE IS THE ONLY GOOD IN US. I praise Him that He wants to dwell in us. Thanks brother Matthew. It’s good to look within and see how weak we are and how GREAT GOD IS ETERNALLY. Love you.

  2. Pat Hawkins

    It is awful, isn’t it (spoken by an 86-year-old man), to come down to the end realizing that, with all this time and opportunity, I feel at least as useless, maybe more so, than I did when I started, lo, those many years ago. I weep at many memories,I gasp as I view what I was and what I did, I can truly say I am NOT that man any more, but I don’t really feel much better. I still can make the biggest mess of things I could ever imagine. You know, He not only has done and is doing, but He will do whatever it takes to conform me to the image of His Son! I can go to the bank with that
    promise. IT SHALL BE!! Maybe in this New Year? Whenever!! He WILL do it in His time!! Dad

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