This Is Your Cue

Waiting in the wings of life for our chance to step out on to the stage can sometimes feel confusing.  We keep hearing the lines that lead up to our part but when we start to step out the Director grabs us by the collar and seems to hiss, “not yet.”  We see others step out.  We hear the laughter, the applause and yes sometimes the boos and heckling but we just want to have our shot.  We want the chance to see what we’re made of, whether we can hold the audience or crash and burn for all to see.

So often I look at my life and feel that my talents are wasted, that I am unseen.  And yet, I feel this pressure, this calling to do more, to be more for God’s Kingdom.  The two appear to be mutually exclusive.

No one sees me.

You must be seen.

I have wondered and been fairly ticked off at my King and this universe that seem so unfair in their expectations and the opportunities provided.

But, then I see the curtain pull back.  It doesn’t pull back from the stage I’ve been staring at.  It opens up to the heavens.  I realize that the director I was listening to was not THE DIRECTOR but just me stealing that throne, running a play with no understanding of the script, no power to manipulate the characters, the props.

What shocks me is that as the spotlights pan over this stage as it is revealed, I realize that we’re all on stage.  We’re all “on”, right here, right now.

Shakespeare said that all of life is a stage.  And as a worship leader, I have heard for years that we play to an audience of one.  It is only now, in this moment of my life, that I feel like I’m beginning to understand the depths of those truths.

I have one audience and He is sitting on the edge of His seat with full expectancy of how great I will be as the part He has written for me.  But I have to see it.  I have to see every mundane, stupid, silly, useless, amazing moment as a gift that I give back to Him.  I have to see every breath as a chance to sing, to dance, to live for Him.

Nothing else matters.  Not position, not fame, not money, not power or sex or “love.”

Jesus Christ!


2 thoughts on “This Is Your Cue

  1. Pat Hawkins

    Well done, beloved! Well, well done! We continue to call upon the Name above all names to bring you exactly into His will. It is so hard to wait and to believe that He takes as long as it takes and after abysmal, cataclysmic failures and uses us (at least SOME of us, for sure!) to begin in old age to see His hand upon us in unbelievable ways. But still there is the sense that we didn’t really DO very much – whatever we do seems questionable to many! What is all that? As you have said so well, there really IS a God and I am NOT Him! Or He, if you wanta be grammatical!!
    It’s all about HIM, not me! Some guys with more tech and what not than I have picked up the ball and may finish the race with me or even ahead of me. I’m learning to say OK. Whatever? It’s all God. Love you, Dad

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