Are We Good?

Temptations wax and wane.  Sometimes they’re overwhelming.  Sometimes, well, they’re easy.  It’s like he’s not even trying.  

This is not one of those times.

Interesting what our enemy says to us that gets us.  For me, one of the best weapons seems to be the reminders of just how wicked I am.  How much of a loser.  How much of a failure.

It would seem like that would have the opposite effect.  Particularly when addressed to someone who likes a fight as much as I do.

I learned two things that I really despise while I was in the Army.  The first is where someone tells you that there’s only one more mile to go when there are eight.  The second is like it.  It’s when someone tells you the end is twelve miles away when it is two.  I just want honesty.

The first one lies by saying you’re almost there when you aren’t.  The second lies by saying it’s too far.  

That is what satan’s voice says so much.  Pointing out all my weaknesses, all my inadequacies, he runs the reel of how I’ll never make it, I’ll never be worth anything.  And so I just want to quit, to give in.

The reality is, to the world, to most people, I am a loser.  But then I look in my God’s eyes.  I hear his voice in the bible that I read.  I realize that I am chosen.  I am called.  I am loved.

Have you ever noticed that, if you can’t see, stepping in mud, on a cupcake or in dog poop all feels about the same.  If you turn on a light, you can see what it is, wash it off and walk on.  If it’s mud or a cupcake, and you’re marching for the King, don’t worry about it.  If the accuser throws some crap in your path, it never has to be something we hold onto.

Wash it off.  And, walk on.

Now I know I’m making light of what can be so heavy to bear, so crushing to face.  But our armor is on, our weapons are made for “pulling down strongholds.”  And we serve a King who cannot be defeated.

So yeah.  When satan accuses, when my own heart condemns me, wash it off.  Wash it off with what Jesus did.  Wash it off with the Word of God.  Wash it off by resting in the “peace that passes all understanding.”

Wash it off and walk on.


2 thoughts on “Are We Good?

  1. Bill Hawkins

    So glad to see your conclusion. Started off so badly. Do you remember the verse that says we have the mind of Christ? Dwell on that. One of my lessons calls out to me. It says, You are NOT who Satan says you are. You are NOT who your enemies say you are. You are NOT who your friends say you are. You are NOT even who YOU say you are. You ARE who GOD says you are. And He says you are so important and so valuable that He laid down His life for you. Some of us, for sure I, really love and value you. And Satan lies to you with, “Of course, he’s supposed to say that. He’s your dad.” You can listen to Him if you choose. But you also can choose to listen to the TRUTH from God. KEEPING it in your craw is difficult. So read it again and again and try to believe it because it is God talking. Is somebody human talking to you? Or are you just that is what they would say? YOU, son, are a man of God in some stage of your development. I love you and I like you. God says He feels the same way. I would like to encourage you to just go with that. YOU are loved! YOU are valued! YOU are worth dying for!
    By several people that I know, as well as God! Dad

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