Not Joseph

I hear the testimonies…

People who were put in hard situations and remained faithful.  Diamonds forged by the pressures of adversity.  Gold refined by the fire of tribulation.

Yeah, that’s not me.

I came to Jesus from difficulty.  Truly encountered him and have seen my response to betrayal, illness, fears and sorrows.  And I always choose wrong.

In one sense, though many things are going so well, I feel the desert around me.  And I’ve still been choosing fear and bitterness, depression and anger.

In the comparison with Joseph’s life, I’m the guy that slept with the wife and probably got impaled (did they have worse executions).  If facing the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, I’m the coward crawling on the floor, worshiping the lie of another god.

Yet God chose me, and not only did He choose me, He is still choosing me.

And He didn’t choose me to just get me out of hell.  He chose me for a purpose, a calling, something amazing.

What amazes me even more is that He walks with me!  Not sidestepping when I fall in the faeces.  Not waiting for me to clean myself off.  He is with me every step, in every pit, never letting go of me.

So that leads me to today.  Another day to choose.  Another day to live.

He’s not giving up on me.

Maybe I won’t either.

Hard to tell since I’m not Joseph…

I think I just heard someone rattling some keys…..

Maybe it’s the baker and the cupbearer…


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One thought on “Not Joseph

  1. Bill Hawkins

    O my Matthew! How I love you! How I understand and empathize with you! I have no idea what God is doing with you and not often even with ME!? Why? And Why NOW? Yet You seem relentless in Your pursuit, just like the poem, “The Hound of Heaven”. You KNOW, don’t You?! On days like today, I get so tired and so convinced that the end of the race is near. But I cannot see the finish line yet! You are not giving me answers, are you? It’s so TOTALLY surprises! OK. Just take me through and be sure You go with me and hold my hand. Even until now I have been so often so unaware of You DOING and WHAT you were doing. O my God! You are so amazing! So tenacious! I know so little! I can see so little! You may have to drag me sometimes as I am getting so old. OK. I am here. I am willing even when confused. Just do what You must do with me. Amazingly, unbelievably! I am YOURS! O my God! Now do for Matt as You do for me and MORE! Lovingly, Bill

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