Don’t live for greatness!

Everyone is watching the Olympics right now.  It can be so tempting to make heroes of athletes, those who have pushed themselves beyond what we thought was possible.  

Two problems…

They are humans who do not bear the weight of deity well.  They are just people who are great at something, so we scrutinize everything they say, everything they do.  We want to count every nostril hair, crawl all over them in some strange attempt to make ourselves great too.


When we join them in pushing so hard in one area, we can forget why we’re alive, who we are living for.  We lose sight of our spouses, our children, our friends.  We ignore the God who made us to love Him.

And if you look close enough at the heart of those who are truly great, you’ll see that their greatness comes out of a life lived for others, a life centered on Jesus.

And some medal is not the prize…


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