In Defense of Judas

Oh, we hate Judas.

What a thieving, evil betrayer.

He took what he had learned about Jesus and only wanted to use it for self-advancement.  He stole from what belonged to others when given the responsibility of taking care of others.  And when it all came crashing down, he chose suicide over repentance.

What a loser!

As pastors, leaders, teachers in the church, we would never let our ideas, our goals supersede His.  We would never use our positions to get what we want at the expense of others.  We would never cling to our will when it was obvious that our will was wrong.  We would never choose to give up rather than repent.


And another thing, did you ever notice how Satan will use you to do something bad (and yes we do get to choose).  Then, after we have failed, he casts us off.  He shouts out the accusations, brings on the shame and guilt.

What would it feel like to know that you had sentenced the son of God to a horrible, painful death?  Would I be able to repent?

Lord, I repent right now.  I have betrayed you and wanted me more than you.  I have been angry and depressed because I put my life above yours.  I have despaired, brought death and guilt on me and my family.  Satan will not have his way in my home.  I will not have my way in this home.

You are Lord.


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