At Least I’m Consistent

Several people were laughing with me, at me last night at our church’s youth group.  I’m competitive, a little aggressive, love to have fun, and love the people around me.  Apparently, those things bring out something that surprises people a bit.

I’m loud!

Not just a little loud, but really loud.  I laugh loud.  I scream loud.  I encourage loud.  I groan loud.

If they really knew me it would not shock them.

When I go to a baseball game, I cheer.  When I coached my sons teams, I cheered.  I yelled at the referees (sorry about that one).  I shouted encouragement to players on both teams.

At the factory where I work, I’m loud too.  I say hello loud.  I shout down the aisle.  I laugh and joke at full volume.  I sing praises and lift my hands unashamed.

When I’m at church, I worship at the top of my voice.  I cheer for the pastor and the good things he says.  I applaud and whistle and jump and dance.

Do I deserve some glory for this?  Do I deserve a medal or some special recognition?  I don’t think so and it wouldn’t matter.  I will probably be loud on the day I die.

See, I get depressed sometimes.  I feel sad and alone.  I fail and do the dumbest things, sometimes.  I know that many people feel the same way and those around them don’t even recognize it.  Pastors need to know when they said something good.  My family needs to know when I’m proud of them.  And if I look a little foolish, I’m okay with that.

So, why am telling you this?

This week, this Sunday, today, can I encourage you to be a little louder.  Let people know you are glad to see them.  Let your pastor know he’s preaching the word.  Bless your family.  Love a little more.  Worship with all your heart our great King, our Savior.

That way, if you’re louder, I won’t seem so bad.


One thought on “At Least I’m Consistent

  1. Dad

    CUTE! I am louder – well, at least more physical – than I used to be in my worship – somewhere between your church and your sister’s – ;0) – in my worship! But I love it that you feel free to be loud in support of those you love! I really wish I had been more obviously, visibly, SUPPORTIVE and LOVING, when you guys were younger. Can’t go back and do that now – or any of the many other things I wish I had done – but I can support you now and be prouder of you and your expressions than I ever have been. I am glad to call you “mine” and bless you in Jesus’ name! Thank you for sharing that love in at least five other directions and much much more! March forward, man of God, the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen!

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