A Dream I Want To Keep

My sons and I went to see the movie “The Finest Hours” last night.  So, that probably had a strong influence on what I saw.

I have recently been going through ANOTHER crisis of faith.  Angry with God, myself, the world.  What is my purpose?  What difference does it make how I live, what I do?  No one loves me.  No one cares.

I hope that you have no idea what I’m talking about.

For those who do, it’s all lies.

I had this dream that I was the captain of a ship that was sent out to rescue.  Now there were many tucked safely in the hull of the vessel as I brought them peacefully into the harbor.

I looked down to scan the crowd and my eyes fell upon my wife.  She was wet and cold.  Her eyes were filled with tears.  But, they were tears of love and gratitude.  She was proud of me.

I had come for her.  I had rescued her.  And, I had brought her safely home.

I work in a factory.  I play and sing my songs for NO ONE!  I have never realized many of my dreams.  Maybe I never will.

This one I won’t let go of.  This one I would die for.  This one I will live for.

It’s a good dream.


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