Job’s Failure

The story of Job (pronounced with an oh sound for those who haven’t heard it), is familiar to many.  The man who was wealthy, then accused by Satan, rebuked by friends and then God, but ultimately restored and honored.

Much of what is written in this book is absolute truth.  Some of it is not.  

Job is joined, after being ruined and covered with boils, by three friends who try to help him by letting him know that if he will repent of his sins, God can restore him.  Job often returns to the idea of God’s goodness, His love for those who follow Him.

But God eventually calls Job out, basically saying, “Who do you think you are?”  And Job apologizes.

The failure that Job experienced, the untruth that he held on to and the false accusations that his friends brought against him all are based on one strong misconception that we see in our own hearts today.


Job thought that God had come against him, that he was being accused and destroyed by God’s hand and anger.  He wanted the chance to show that he was righteous and that God hated him for no reason.

Job’s friends thought there was a reason.  They thought that God had abandoned him because of sin in Job’s life.  They were absolutely sure that there had to be something that Job did to make God come against him.

Neither of them were correct, and these ideas are wrong still today.

When Adam and Eve fell, God never left them.  Through the time of Noah, God never abandoned His creation.  Though He turned the nation of Israel over to exile and near annihilation.  He never gave up on them.  There was always, and will always be a plan for restoration and healing, even when we have abandoned Him.

Maybe sin, past failures, current confusion have you thinking that God is done with you.  Satan loves for God to look bad, mean, vengeful.  But the truth is that Satan is bad, mean, vengeful, hating and accusing the people of God.

I believe in the inerrancy of scripture.  But, whether through the limitations of our language or the limitations of our perspective, we often misinterpret the word of God to show how He will hurt us if we don’t obey, how He’s just waiting for us to mess up so He can zap us. 

He promises through Jesus that He will never leave us nor forsake us.  That has always been His heart.



One thought on “Job’s Failure

  1. I am reading a book right now called ‘The Sacred Romance’. Have you heard of it? It was recommended to me because of what I have been going through for what seems a dreadfully long time now. Alongside that I am using ‘Jesus Calling’ as part of my devotions every morning. God’s heart is that we should know Him fully. He longs for relationship with us more then our service or anything else we can do. The Bible spells that out so clearly, but we still miss it somehow. During this time away from service God is seeking to draw me closer, ever closer to Him. Thank you for the reminder, again, that HE has PROMISED (and He is not man that He should lie) that He will NEVEr leave us/me or forsake us/me.

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