Adults Suck

Why grow up?  Adults are no fun.  They are boring and always looking down on you.  They have no imagination, no fire, no passion.  For them, life is about getting through each day, surviving, safety, rules and order.

I’ve known lots of adults in my life.  The ones who tell you to turn down the music, stop laughing so loud, get a job.  

The saddest ones for me are the children who have become adults.  Their arms hang by their sides in worship, their hearts and mouths are quiet, concerned with what everyone else will think of them.  They consider less the presence of God, consider more their reputation, their looks.
I know you’ll quote scripture at me about desiring meat instead of milk, growing and maturing in the Lord.  But that’s talking about maturing, not becoming adults.  Adults are actually the worst when it comes to the challenges of faith, the reckless abandon of wholehearted devotion to Jesus Christ.  Responsibility, security, these trump over all.

The great thing is, if you happen to lean into adultness, you can become a child again.  I can become a “new creature” with a new life.  I can taste that freedom again, that joy, that peace.  As long as Jesus reigns, I can put off my old clothes and put on the new, the clothes of adventure, risk, daring great things.  I can put on the clothes of love and compassion for all those around me.

I’m tired of sucking.  I want to live!


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