Unanswered Prayer

Maybe I’m alone in this, but unanswered prayer rocks my world, it shakes my faith.


I didn’t get what I wanted.  I didn’t see it happen.  Maybe I have deluded myself all these years and the atheists are right.  I’m so stupid.  I’ve wasted so much time chasing this mirage.

Has it been a waste?  Is it lost time and effort to love deeply, to serve with an open heart, to be part of a family?  Is it wasteful to live like a Christian?

Am I stupid?  Have I not conducted research, been open to new ideas, thought through the processes involved?  Are there flaws in my reasoning?

Can I truly look at the vastness of the universe and the complexity of even the most basic of organisms and draw any other conclusion than the existence of God?

And what kind of God is He?  The terror of a tornado or hurricane, the raw, unbridled power of lightning, the unrelenting, implacable, beauty of the ocean’s waves tell me His power.  Life, kindness, healing, Joy demonstrates His essence.  The fact that we can love tells me He is a God of love.

No.  Unanswered prayer is not the end of the story.  It is not the final soliloquy of this play.  God will take center stage, has always been at center stage.  And because of Him and His love for someone like me, the curtain will never fall on my life.



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