If You Can Fight

In the movie “World War Z”, the final lines of the movie are interesting, and worth repeating. I may misquote it slightly but it is something like this:

“This is not the end. If you can fight, then fight. If you can help someone, then do it. Our war is just beginning.”

I’m not big into doomsday mentality. I believe that fear is a limited motivator often having unforeseen responses, unwanted responses. But we face a similar situation to what is presented in the movie, but sin is the virus. There are people consumed by a sickness that is destroying their souls, eating away their lives, turning them into monsters they were never intended to be.

So the call remains the same.

If you can fight, if you can pray, if you can talk about Jesus, if you can stand for what’s right, then fight. If you can help someone, if you can meet a need, share love and compassion with a hurting one, then do it. The war didn’t end when you gave your heart to Jesus.

It is just beginning.


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