Clear and Present Danger

With the phenomena of a variety of movies and literature over the years, free speech is a common theme as people argue over the merits or issues revolving around a particular theme. Free speech is touted as a catch phrase basically allowing people to say whatever they want. But there are limits on this, certain “tests” that the Supreme Court uses to determine whether a document or rhetoric is protected by the first amendment.

Now, I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a judge. I did serve once on a jury. But since most citizens are considered capable of that duty I hardly think that qualifies me to speak. Ah, but speak I shall.

When movies are made to celebrate abuse, sexual, physical abuse, I think it fails the clear and present danger test. When pornography promotes child molesting, incest, bestiality and other forms of degradation and depravity, I think it fails this test. And if it doesn’t fail it for the Supreme Court, it should for us as human beings.

We have a scriptural mandate to think on whatever is pure and holy and true and noble.

So what should our response be as movies are released, as books hit the shelves?

We worship. We sing. We speak the truth, in love, with mercy and grace. That is what sets us apart. That is what the world needs, the love that will heal its wounds.

There is a clear and present danger, and we are armed and fit to conquer it.


4 thoughts on “Clear and Present Danger

  1. bert savarese

    Matt: My thought is that our prayers should especially be for those who are tempted by these books (50 shades of gray comes to mine), movies (the walking dead, witches themed, violence), tv/movies that really go further than our minds should go. I am always surprised at night when I go beyond the Christian channels on TV that just over the line, above my regular channels, one after the other channels that offer porn. They have to be subscribed to, but still…. they are right there – for anyone who is tempted. Its not even hard to find when it is listed on my regular cable channel just for the subscription! No wonder we have to police what kids watch, and hope adults will police themselves!

    Liked your post! Keep sending them along to me!

  2. I appreciated what you wrote, Bill, in The Bitter Worshipper ! Since I didn’t know what “50 Shade of Gray” was all about I read the review online – and felt that I had soiled my soul – in just reading the review. So AMEN to what you have written. We must be vigilant in protecting our minds – that is where the battles of life are fought and won !

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