Chicken Fried (part two)

I think I get it now.

For those just joining us, I had some issues with the song “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown band. Go read it.

I thought a while before writing that blog. Didn’t accomplish anything, except to get more upset. Then I wrote, I ranted. There was truth in what I said, but I missed something.

Those of us who fought, I think even the ones who died, did it so that we could live, really live. Life does not just include great deeds, high callings. Life is about the mundane, the routine, breathing, washing dishes. It even includes the ridiculous task of writing blogs. In fighting for, in protecting our freedoms, it is not only for the call to stand up, but for the call to be faithful, to be trustworthy, to be loyal, to be loving. Often, that looks like going to work, like folding laundry, like hanging out with friends, like a peck on the cheek.

Jesus said that he came to give us life, a full life. He meant a life with diapers, with weddings, with hunting trips and shopping trips.

He just never meant for us to settle, to be complacent.

Enjoy your chicken!


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