Who are you talking to?

The age old argument, turn signals. When to use them, when not?

It seems like it’s a guy thing to use them, sometimes. Ladies lean toward using them all the time, at least that is how it trends in my non-scientific research.

I am on an empty road and need to make a right turn to go home. Turn signal or not. Some say you should, it should be habit. Some say, there is no one there.

Here is my challenge, the reason I am rambling. If we make a habit of communicating when no one is listening, have we done good or harm? If a preacher uses condemnation and guilt to move his congregation but the congregation is asleep, good or bad? The mom that nags, the dad that puts down, you must know that at some point the kids shut you off. No one can take the constant barrage. The hateful teacher, the mean boss, it is only survival to switch off the negativity that flows from them.

The audience, whoever they might be, has a choice. Nuggets of wisdom and life can be found in the most unlikely of places. But, what is lost if we speak to those who can’t hear us?

Maybe it’s time to let God speak in their lives. Maybe it’s time to open our hands, take our will off the table, let others speak for us.

Maybe it’s time to not use the turn signal.


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