Now you’ll see…

Waiting is always so difficult, so discouraging.

I once was working with a horse that I really liked, but he was stubborn and moved so stiffly. A horse with a rider should move much like a horse with no rider. If not, there is usually either a problem with how I’m handling the horse or the horse is handling me. This was the latter.

I asked for some advice on how to help the horse develop and Lewis Sterrett ( said I should work with him to make him stand still. Much of horse training has to do with a horse in motion, so this was going to be different.

I learned the meaning of the word ‘pissed’ during this time. I didn’t punish the horse or run him into the ground. I just made him stand still. He would get so angry, sweating and foaming at the mouth. He would buck and literally, forcibly urinate. And then I would calmly put him back in the place where we started.

We would all like to see miracles. We would love to be in that place where amazing things happen around us, through us. But no one wants to wait. No one wants to discipline themselves to trust God when nothing is happening.

Moses was eighty when he heard the words, “now you’ll see.” David had run from Saul for many years before he heard them. Simeon waited till he was old, almost dead before he heard them.

A great life is the one that waits for God’s glory to be revealed in it. A great life is one that looks for God to shine through. Anything, ANYTHING else is such a waste.

Help me Lord! I can’t stand still.


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