“Why should you die?”

This is a question from God.

Guilt appears to be a poor motivator toward righteousness. Shame and fear are equally bad at getting us to do the right things. That seems to be counterintuitive, but we tend to repeat actions that bring those responses. Our sin reminds us that we cannot defeat sin, which in turn renders us helpless in the fight against sin.

But this question is from God.

I have known friends who were living together, not married. They would come to church, listen to the word of God, and go right back to their sin. I have chosen to allow sin in my life because I knew I couldn’t stop. I pursued God, wanting all that He had for me, and yet never dealt with the demonic influence that had set up residence in my brain.

Once again, I hear the question from God.

God didn’t look down look down from heaven, searching for ways to make our lives miserable, no fun, no freedom. He tells us what will make us fulfilled, content, joyful. I must choose to believe that He is God, that His love for me is beyond my ability to comprehend. I must choose to live.

I will hear voices all around me, voices of guilt, shame, fear, sin. I think I’ll just listen to His voice.

I think I’ll choose to live.


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