Safely Home

I know that many of my readers are not married and are not males but I have a word for you guys out there. And this is a word for me, the “chief of sinners” in the area I am about to discuss.

Stop picking on your family!

I hear stories of husbands and their elaborate schemes to terrorize their wives. I have said and done some mean things to my sons and daughter, all in the name of fun. I am constantly being sarcastic and rude, all with the idea of being silly, being “cute”.

Here is the challenge laid before me. Does my family feel safe in my presence? Do they trust me? Is their guard up when I am around?

My wife should feel safe to say anything, and I mean anything, without fear of insults, correction, belittling or sarcasm. She should know, without a doubt, that I will always protect her, that I will cover her blindside, that when everyone falls away, I will still be there. My children, though they are adults, have a place, a person that they can go to and be completely themselves.

We laugh at their screams when we jump out and scare them. We tell them we only pick on the ones we love. We think we’re so funny. I think I am so stinking funny.

But what price have I paid?


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