I Feel Better!

“How’s it going?”

“Great! I’m doing great! My family is healthy, the bills are paid. Jesus is on the throne. I can’t complain.”

Negativity and complaining have a way of sucking the life from the people around us. And yet, false, Pollyanna positivity feels like such a lie, too. And the reality of our lives can often be anything but glowing, anything but “great”.

We suck down our coffee. We feed our bodies and our spirits. We even listen to worship, all in an attempt to just feel better for a little while. We medicate our pain through alcohol, porn, prescriptions, and even church because, at times, it is so unbearable. And yes, church that is attended to just have a “feel good” moment, without repentance, without our hearts being drawn into His presence can be the same, if not worse, than a drug.

What completes me? What gives me that sense of wholeness, of home, of “peace that passes all understanding?” It can only be found in the person of Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah that died to save us. It can only be found in the presence of our God who created us, a relationship with our great King.

Lust will betray you. Music will let you down. Money, drugs, coffee and church can only provide fleeting happiness that in the end will leave you in a worse state. Only God can save you. Only He can heal you. Only Jesus can bring you life.

“How’s it going?”

“I think I’m starting to feel better.”


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