Close Encounters

I just saw the movie “God’s Not Dead” this past weekend. It reminded me of my own experience.

“For this class period, I will not tolerate any arguments. I will speak and you will listen,” he began.

“Now suppose you took away all parents, and all literature, any form of indoctrination. Children would be raised without the influence of churches or religious ideas and God would cease to exist.”

I had had enough at this point and though I knew there would be trouble, I could not stay silent. I think I raised my hand at this point but, when ignored, started talking anyway.

“If what you said came to pass, God would reveal Himself to those children, as He always does. Because He does exist and doesn’t need religion or church buildings to make Himself known.”

I deserved an A in the class, had to settle for a B. Small, small price to pay for what Jesus did in my life.

Am I great? Do I have some special reserve of wisdom and boldness? Do I struggle any differently than you? I don’t think so.

I just share this with you to challenge. I bring this up because today we must speak, we must live, we must love like Jesus is real.

He doesn’t need me to exist but I sure need Him.

They need Him.


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