“I will fear no evil…”

On the table, staring up at me, was the horrible visage of a skull with bloodshot eyes. I couldn’t leave, nor did I feel it right to scribble it out (petty, childish). So for twelve hours I looked at it, and it looked at me. And it bothered me.

I’m into the music scene and so have seen a lot of this over the years. Rob Zombie, Metallica, Ozzie, and a slew of others have used fearful evil images for album covers. All they really succeed in doing to me is they anger me.

What they are trying to say is how powerful, how insurmountable evil is. If a demon-possessed skeleton were to walk into the room right now, what could you do? Of course, you would run in fear, hope to find some weapon that would kill it, and try to survive the nightmare.

But what is real? Asking these questions is on a par with asking what would I do if a “Lord of the Rings” type Orc walked into the room. They aren’t real. The fear that is created in us is the only thing of power we face. And the only way to face it is to put on God’s armor, fill up with Holy Spirit power and love.

Good Christian people will watch a scary movie and walk away wondering what they would do given similar circumstances. All the while the demons of Hades and satan himself, are hoping we never see ourselves as God sees us. They are blustering and showing off their “strength” in the hope that you and I never carry the name of Jesus into their world.

That’s when real power shows up.


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