Keep Hammering!

The bible talks about a widow who kept bugging a judge until he gave her justice. Jesus said we were to pray like that. “Keep bugging God until He gives you what you’ve asked for,” would seem to be the message.

Why do we need to bug Him? He knows our needs. He is preparing an answer before we even ask. Why should we treat Him like someone who doesn’t want to help us?

I have never understood this.

I’ve never been a great salesman when I was the product. When I represented a company or product that I believed in, I did just fine. But I never had confidence to say, “trust me, I will come through.” So my pitches left people guarded, irritated really.

My wife, on the other hand, sells herself very well. There is an attitude in voice, in presentation that lets people know that you are more a friend than a salesman. People like talking with her about things.

Now we know that God will come through. He never lets us down. But do we let Him down? When we ask for something, are we really saying, “do this or I will walk away. I want my way. I want my will.” Or do we approach the throne of of God with an attitude that says, “I am not going anywhere. Whatever Your answer, I will be right here.”

Maybe the message isn’t about driving God crazy but about our pursuit of Him. Maybe He wants to know we’re not going to abandon Him. His love for us is not the question. Our love for Him is more tenuous.

Yes,keep hammering! Let Him know that you have no where else to go. Because you DON’T!


One thought on “Keep Hammering!

  1. Bill Hawkins

    Yes, I feel so angry and shameful about myself that only the GRACe of God could ever make anybody listen. Just keep going. God is out there in front leading. Love you.

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