The Post Landing Fall

In the military, this is referred to as the PLF. When intelligent people decide to jump out of an aircraft at a distance greater than sanity should accept, they must develop a way to do this. The parachute assists in this process but often doesn’t bring you in very gently. Broken bones are often the result. To dissipate the concussion of hitting the ground, the PLF was used. The idea is to control the fall. You cannot stop falling, so direct it, control it.

I think I do that spiritually, emotionally. Maybe, you do it too?

Ear rings, tattoos are my way of saying, “I am not going to fit your mold for Christianity. I will not comply with a stereotype.”

But really, those are some of the ways I do a PLF. I think in my mind I’m saying, “you won’t like me. If you knew what was inside, you would be very disappointed. Let me help us both out. Then you won’t even look at the real me. And, I won’t feel betrayed.”

The basis of all this is fear. It is a preemptive attack on those who might love us. It is often a cause of divorce, infidelity, alcoholism, drug and porn addictions. But there is freedom in love.

“Perfect love removes all fear…” I don’t have to protect myself anymore.


3 thoughts on “The Post Landing Fall

  1. Love covers a multitude of sins. You’re right there is no need to hide beloved for love is waiting to shield us. None of us are perfect or righteous…no not one. Our perfection and righteousness is found in Christ Jesus alone. We are transformed by His Holy Spirit and not by our good words, good deeds, nor good intentions. As we slowly die to our carnal ways, thoughts, understanding, and selfish desires we can feel Him awakening inside of us more and more. We must keep faith and stand on His word that He will finish the work He started in us in His own time. Until then we are free because truth has set us free! Free to love and to be loved because our Father said so.

  2. Bill Hawkins

    Awesome to me how you are learning – how God is developing the man of God you are becoming! I feel some of these very same things! God is still MAKING me! Praise Him!

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